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The new Interpretative Centre at the Australian Sugar Industry Museum


Our new Interpretative Centre has been designed to deliver information to visitors to the museum.  It adds new and different approach to the deliver of information about the Australian Sugar Industry.

There is the ability to have available a wide range of documents and material, accessible through interactive monitors and provides visitors a quick and simple access in a simple form.  The combining of visual displays with interactive screens adds the choice to select the information that visitors have a particular interest in.

What the Interactive Centre offers

Although it is a simple process to grow sugarcane and then have it processed at a sugar mill and converted into crystal sugar, there are aspects in the detail that are complicated, which visitors have often sought to understand.  Many international visitors, who have knowledge of sugar beet growing, are very eager to understand sugarcane growing, where plants are derived from and the farming practices that are used.  Many want to understand the engineering and processes of a sugar mill.  Most simply want to understand where white crystal sugar comes from. 

Why an Interpretative Centre?

The inclusion of an Interpretative Centre, that includes the latest and most innovative ways to deliver information, is an addition which visitors to the museum will find attractive, to gain full knowledge of the sugar industry in Australia, growing crops and the production of crystal sugar.

The ASIM Board of Management has not sought any support from outside the sugar industry.  All current milling companies and organisations involved in the Australian Sugar Industry were invited to provide funding to establish the Interpretative Display.  It was considered important that the sugar industry should promote the industry and provide an opportunity for people to understand it.

The Interpretative Centre has created a unique display that visitors to the museum will seek out. The interpretative displays provide information and facts about the sugar industry.

What makes up the displays?

ã  State of the art interactive touch screens

ã  Incorporating low energy lighting

ã  Sophisticated sound systems

ã  High quality photos & images of the sugar industry

ã  Access to historical information

ã  Variety of information about the sugar industry

  • Overall process – Paddock to plate
  • How sugarcane grows
  • Variety selection
  • How sugar crystals are made
  • Refining process

The Australian Sugar Heritage Centre was fortunatre to have the support of sugar industry stakeholders – Bundaberg Sugar, MSF Sugar – South Johnstone Mill and QSL, who contributed equal funding, along with funding from the Federal Government’s TQUAL initiative through the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism.

Future Developments

ã  Smells of the sugar industry.

ã  Touch/feel items of interest.

ã  Replica sugarcane plants.

3rd August, 2012

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We are working on improving the displays with the changes planned over the next 12 months. We rely solely on volunteers, including local cane growers, but during the harvest season they are unable to provide much time. Despite the set-backs with Cyclone’s Larry and Yasi, we are getting the museum back in order.