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Australian Sugar Heritage Centre
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Australian Sugar Heritage Centre
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The Australian Sugar Heritage Centre

The Australian Sugar Heritage Centre is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Australian Sugar Industry’s heritage.

Our exhibits examine the pioneering methods and processes of the Australian Sugar Industry’s machinery and implements, historical artefacts and labour.

500hp steam-driven crushing mill

The working model of a large flywheel dominates this crushing mill, driven by a 500hp steam engine built by A & W Smith & Co Ltd of Glasgow.

A time switch sets the massive flywheel in motion.

Steam locomotives

The Fowler 0-4-2 Narrow Gauge Loco was built in 1882 by John Fowler & Company, Leeds, England.  It was one of three built especially to handle inclines.  It was reported that it could pull 35 tons up a gradient of 1 in 55 – no mean feat!  Until 1921 this little local hauled cane to Mourilyan Mill and sugar to the nearby Mourilyan Harbour.

The Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 ‘Townsville’, built by Hudswell, Clarke & Co Ltd Railway Foundry in 1919.  It worked in North Queensland hauling cane to the CSR Victoria Mill.

Historical photographs and artefacts

Photos dating back to the mid-1800s many copied from photos held in the Queensland State Archives, showing the industry, people and implements used in the sugar industry.

South Seas Islander labourers (Kanakas)

Part of the Refined White exhibtion is on display.  Explains the history of indentured labour and the contribution that South Seas Islanders (Kanakas) to the development of the Sugar Industry in Australia.

Explains the change to policies of the Federal Government which lead to the deportation of kanakas back to their island homes.

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